The House of High Colour – Maison de Haute Couleur

Charvin has a long tradition of producing fine artists' oil colours using the highest quality ingredients and time-honored processes. Based in Cannes in the French Riviera, Charvin's long history began in 1830 and their products have been a standard for quality ever since. The colour makers at Charvin slowly and expertly produce oil colour paints much in the same way that wine makers produce wine, ensuring their products have a true character and lovely finish. It is this dedication to detail and hands-on approach that make these oil colours one of the world's greatest art supply treasures.

Charvin Professional Oils are made without compromise from some of the oldest continually used oil paint recipes, utilizing only the finest in select pigments and a blend of linseed and non-yellowing poppy oil. Pigments are triple-milled and combined to form a natural progression of colors perfect for any artist's needs — a wide range that allows for use in both traditional techniques and modern expression, and is especially ideal for plein aire painting as the shades closely duplicate the brilliance and freshness of color of the world around. Highly concentrated Charvin Professional Oil Colours can be used right from the tube: ever consistent, clean, and beautiful — and less time spent fussing with color means more time spent on the creative process!

Once used by great masters like Cezanne, Bonnard, and Ambrogiani, Charvin Professional Oil Colours are now available for any discerning painter working either in the studio or en plein aire. Offered in both Fine and Extra Fine oil paint lines, along with a wide array of mediums, varnishes, gums and paint supplements, Charvin supplies the most luxurious materials for creating your own masterpiece in oils!

  • Made in the French Riviera for over 175 years

  • Highest quality ingredients and time-honored recipes

  • Vast array of colors for quicker painting and less mixing

  • Available in Fine and Extra Fine artists' oil colors and sets

  • Wide array of mediums, varnishes, gums, and resins

  • Especially loved by plein aire painters!

"As a professional, full time artist for 17 years, I can say I have experimented with just about every type of oil paint that is out there. And believe me, they are not created equal! After using only Charvin oil paints for my most recent painting, I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The richness of the colors combined with the density yet fluidity of these oils was superb. I most certainly will continue to paint with Charvin!"


Lauri Blank, Professional Artist